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The only fanlisting for for the movie "Die Hard" (starring Bruce Willis and Alan Rickman) listed at TheFanlistingsNetwork in the movies category.

In 1988 a new action hero saw the light of the cameras - John McClane, an "ordinary" New York cop who accomplished extraordinary things, when he had to save his wife from a couple of vicious gansters. Trapped in a skyscraper, with only one person on the outside believing in him - Sgt. Al Powell, he had not only the bad guys against him, but a trigger happy FBI agent and an arrogant Deputy Chief.

For some this confined, suspenseful first part of the Die Hard Series will always be the best, so if you happen to love, like or are crazy about "Die Hard" in any way, why don't you join? If you got questions the about section might help you, otherwise feel free to contact me.


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